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Matrix Flame Candles


Matrix Flame Candles

Liown Candles.jpg
Liown Candles.jpg

Matrix Flame Candles

from 28.00

SIZE: 4"x5" LED candle.  Buy Two Candles and receive free remote. 

  • REALISTIC FLAME: The most realistic looking LED candles on the market! Each flame is made of tiny LEDs that flicker and glow, providing a stunning, real looking effect. No more fake "moving" wicks on your Matrix Flame candles!
  • TIMER: these battery operated candles with timer work on a 5-hour on, 19 hour off schedule. The timer automatically turns the Liown candles off and turns them on again at the same time the next day so you don't have to.
  • REMOTE: these LED candles with remote control are perfect for special events or everyday use. The remote control included features 4 timer settings and 2 flame settings. Perfect for activating flameless candles in hard to reach settings.
  • MATERIAL: the sturdy wax shell is made of unscented, drip free, 100% paraffin wax in a chalky finish. You can use these battery operated candles indoors or covered outdoors. 700 hour run time per each Matrix Flame candle per set of batteries.
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